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Has built many patient programs and over 8 integrated software platforms to help blood cancer patients learn more about their disease and better navigate their disease. Interviewed Dr. Berenson on phase 1 data and others. Outcomes of Triple Class Refractory Multiple Myeloma Patients | James Berenson, MD | ASH 2023

Assessing Lenalidomide with Patients Progressing on JAK Inhibitors

James Berenson, MD | ASH 2023

Medical Writing Bias in Myeloma Clinical Research

Interview with James Berenson, MD, from Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research at ASH 2023.

MedPage Today: Senior Oncology Editor, Charles Bankhead videotaped an interview with Dr. Berenson on the JAK inhibitor data being presented

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Can JAK Inhibition Help Overcome Lenalidomide Resistance in Myeloma? Early-phase experience with ruxolitinib suggests potential role in relapsed/refractory disease

Early-phase experience with ruxolitinib suggests potential role in relapsed/refractory disease.Following is a transcript of his remarks

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Drugs Used for Myeloma are Helping Fight COVID-19

Several anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat multiple myeloma are showing promising results treating Covid-19.

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Can Diet And Supplements Prevent Smoldering Myeloma From Progressing

Is there a proven diet that can keep smoldering myeloma from progressing? What about fasting and taking supplements? What do the experts recommend?

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Does Smoldering Myeloma Treatment Need To Be Aggressive?

Smoldering myeloma happens when changes in the blood are caught early in a blood test and is a precursor to multiple myeloma. What is it like living with smoldering myeloma and how aggressively should you be monitored and treated?

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