Myeloma Cure Panel Broadcast – Dr. James Berenson will discuss Multiple Myeloma disease control Without Transplant

Nov 9, 2012

Dr. Berenson will be the featured Myeloma Cure Talk Panel member on this November 29th, 2012 @ 6:00 PM EST broadcast.  You can sign up for the broadcast here.

The discussion will cover Dr. Berenson’s multiple myeloma treatment philosophy and preferred treatment protocols.  He has been known for protocols that do not include stem cell transplantation.

I am honored to co host this panel discussion and to have such a skilled multiple myeloma specialist as the featured Panel member for this Myeloma Cure Panel Broadcast.

Dr. Berenson’s Non Transplant Myeloma treatment program at the IMBCR (Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research) is located in West Hollywood, California and has shown excellent results over time.  His 5 year multiple myeloma survival rate is the best yet recorded on   In addition, his survival rate for 16 years is reported at 40%, whereas the average American at age 70 (the average age of a myeloma patient) has a 16 year survival rate of 50%. What this means is than some 16 years ago, without the benefit of the new novel drugs (Velcade, Revlimid, and Thalidomide), Dr. Berenson has provided a life expectancy close to that of the Average American.  That certainly begs the question, “What will be his results 16 years from now with the availability of the new novel drugs?”  Does this mean his patients may outlive the average American one day?   A discussion of these results can be found at the link:

There is a continuum of treatment protocols from the very aggressive Total Therapy “More is Cure” approach of Dr. Barlogie (UAMS), and Dr. Tricot (U of Iowa) to the sequential minimalist “Less is Best” or “Quality of Life”  approach of Dr. Berenson, and Dr. Asher Chanan-Kahn (Mayo-Jacksonville).   In the middle of this continuum are the majority of the myeloma treatment programs which include the excellent programs of Dr. Hari (Medical College of Wisconsin), and Dr. Rajkumar (Mayo).

A bio for Dr. Berenson can be seen here.

I think this is a can’t miss opportunity to interact with one of the worlds best multiple myeloma specialists. Please sign up for this interactive broadcast, where you will be able to ask questions of Dr. Berenson, or any of the panel members.

Best Regards and may God Bless your Myeloma Journey / Gary Petersen

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