Roger T.

Eight years ago, I had my annual physical and my doctor told me that my red blood cell count had dropped well below normal. I was referred to a local oncologist. The oncologist bluntly told me that I had an incurable and deadly cancer called “multiple myeloma.” I responded with: “What was that?” He said that it was a type of blood and bone cancer. I had never heard of it! How could this be? I have always been healthy and active and now I had a cancer that could end my life! Through researching, I found out that there was no known cure for multiple myeloma… I started treatment in May 2004.

I say I was blessed.

I have been able to live a normal, full life, with reason to believe that I will have many more years to enjoy with my family and friends.

Dr. Berenson is a dedicated researcher and he is always coming up with new combination therapies that can keep things under control.

Over the eight years I’ve been living with myeloma, I have been able to maintain a normal active lifestyle with Dr. Berenson’s help. I operate three businesses (a CPA practice, an avocado farm, and a real estate development company). I’ve been able to participate in my favorite sports (surfing and skiing) and enjoy many family vacations.

Most of the time, I actually forget that I have anything wrong with me. Isn’t that great?!

Dr. Berenson is head of the Institute for Myeloma & Bone Cancer Research. His efforts to find a cure and to work with other experts on this form of cancer have been of considerable benefit to my care.

In the eight years that I have had multiple myeloma, I have never once felt that my situation was hopeless. In fact, I’m hopeful every day that some time in my future Dr. Berenson will announce that the battle has been won.

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